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Is this confidential? [entries|friends|calendar]
Spotlight Horror Queen

i am finally seeing | that i was the one worth leaving
we went to his house and did some speed | he said karma would pay for this deed
i'm so far gone now | i've been running on empty
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Let's ride. [23 Oct 2010|03:13am]
[ mood | make me your fetish ]

...comment and I might add you ...I've always been fond of strangers...

Spotlight Horror Queen

133 ...got bucked up.| Wanna ride, cowboy?

[08 Mar 2006|10:25am]
2 ...got bucked up.| Wanna ride, cowboy?

[23 Aug 2005|08:58pm]
running farther away
from the one thing you've been searching for
feeling less and less
like the person you're going to be
knowing more and more
that the days hold more crimson memories
but still you sit
still you ponder
my psuedo-intellectualism
is bubbling over again
and i feel greater than before
but i know i'm less
and knowing that the slithering time
is nearby, i can taste it
but fighting, gripping
wanting sweet voids
like candy cane kisses
and bubble gum teardrops
blind elations fill the gaps
of the silence that i really fear
but can't wait to gain
and i feel the air around my mind
and i hear my voice in the third person
and i detach from my big bright dream
of a superimposed reality
that's nothing like the rock bottom i sought
and i want a legacy
and i want an epiphany
and i want a breakthrough
and all i really want is to find a place to call my own
to find a home
but soiltude is your humble abode girl
so don't tell me what he's done to you
don't tell me all those lies were true
don't let me be the messenger again
cause another bullet, i'm all out of luck
but i'm still running farther away
from a death that's never been punctual
and there's no slowing regression's progressions
only taking your swandive
and turning it into a cannonball
amongst shark infested waters
but it's creeping up again
there's that big bright orange raft again
i might just jump feet first
cause i've got my manolo blahniks on this time
i want to be submerged
i need my time to come
i want to feel the quiet
i need my little fortress
i want to be a super man
i need to be alone
2 ...got bucked up.| Wanna ride, cowboy?

[10 Dec 2004|09:35am]
[ mood | uh huh her. ]

Huge friends cut.

Not because I don't like you. Well that's a lie. It could be because:
a. I don't really know who you are and I don't want you privvy to my thoughts.
b. You don't post that much.
c. You don't comment on my ohso fabulous posts.
d. You just seem boring.

Comment and I'll add you back ...maybe.

♥ The ever-rocking Spotlight Horror Queen.

and now, because i'm SUPER cheesey, and reeeeally fucking bored, a list of people I heart with every inch of my municipal pool becauseCollapse )

35 ...got bucked up.| Wanna ride, cowboy?

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