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I beat up the bathroom, I'm sorry

Spotlight Horror Queen
23 October
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Formerly known as Miss Cherry Blossoms ...now, only on the weekends.

Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around

Sometimes fate has a way of circling on man and taking him completely by surprise. Some of us are sometimes too big a fish for the pond we set ourselves in. Sometimes the one you love and the one who loves you aren't the same person. Sometimes you can't see clearly until you're completely immersed in what eludes you. But it's in trying to keep our heads above water that we drown. There are some places, ones that you wouldn't expect, where you could really disappear. Open your eyes. All your life could just be a dream.

. girl . 20 . writes songs for a boy who refuses to listen . currently having an epiphany . chain smoker . cinephile . nymphomaniac . pseudo-intellectual . lover . fighter . writes like a vicious cunt . creator . extraordinary . modest . caustic . photographer . dreamer . junkie . art fag . just ...a girl .

Hedwig is More Than an Inch of Love

Got a smoking fetish? Join girlsmoke, created by the delectable deviljaime and co-moderated by moi ...fuck what they say, smoking is sexy.

Creative much? Join my community synapsesynopsis ...anything and everything is welcome. Brought to you by yours truly.

Do not add me if you are against drug use. Do not add me if you do not like the idea of an girl ranting and raving about her lost love[s] and her sex capades. Do not add me if you are opposed to a girl who enjoys spewing out lyrics and movie quotes like a frat boy after one to many vodka shots. Opinions are like kittens, and I am giving them away.

You will come down soon too, you will come down too soon.

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